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new website = new blog!

Welcome to the new location for the Number Seven blog. Here you will find our latest book reviews, planned events and the latest deliveries direct from our artists' studios.

I do hope that you enjoy the new look website, we felt that after five years it was time to untie the technical knots that an old website can get into and tidy up our web presence to remain future proof and fresh for you the reader.

If you are new to Number Seven and intrigued to find out more about us then you may enjoy reading our archive of older posts which you may find here.

To keep up to date with all our artistic antics why not sign up to receive our newsletter via the subscribe button.

August is a busy month in Dulverton and we are having a very enjoyable time meeting holiday makers discovering the area for the first time and those returning who make browsing and buying from Number Seven a regular part of their holiday to Exmoor. The website is a great way to keep in touch once you return home.

If you plan to visit Tarr Steps this summer do seek out the poetry boxes that are located along the path - they ask that you spend some quiet time being creative, inspired by the landscape.

Number Seven is also a haven of inspiration and a wonderful place to feed your artistic soul - we look forward to seeing you.

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