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Born on a Storm!

I would like to introduce you to an exciting new line that has just arrived on the shelves at Number Seven.

Many of you are familiar with Catherine Hyde's distinctive and ethereal landscapes - so prompted by her recent and planned future appearances in a new journal entitled Elementum we thought we would start selling a select collection of art and lifestyle periodicals.

Elementum is to be published three times a year with the aim of bringing together the 'scientist’s findings with the artist’s response and the ecologist’s observation with the writer’s reflection to craft stories of transformation, exploration and intrigue.'

Other titles we are stocking include:

In Clover

Oh Comely




Born on a storm!

Earlier this week we were busy celebrating our own publishing house's latest title -

The Exmoor Poetry Boxes - a harvest of wild words

This project has caused a surprising amount of interest and even made the national news. Copies are priced at £12.00 and delivery can be arranged. Call the shop to make enquiries and reserve your copy.

A few dates to remind you . . .

Dulverton by Starlight: Sunday 4th December

We shall be open from 11am until the fireworks go whoosh!

Christmas Walking Book Club: Saturday 10th December 2pm

We look forward to seeing you in your best winter hats!

with best wishes

Davina, Jan, Christopher and Fable


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