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A Charm of Goldfinches

We are very honoured that Jackie Morris has produced an exclusive print for our customers at Number Seven Dulverton. The original was created especially for the event we hosted to celebrate the publication of The Lost Words and features a charm of goldfinches, the same birds that adorn the cover of the book.

Jackie originally painted One Rook Right, Two Rooks Wrong in response to one of Christopher's teasing tags that he hid in her studio when we went to visit a few years ago. This time around Christopher was inspired to write a poem in response to Jackie's work and she has handwritten his words on each print.

Seven quick finches go teasel threading Carding their quivers at the weavers wedding Widdershins working before loom-ward tending Seven quick finches come teasel threading

The same size as the original the print measures 98 x 37cm and is a limited edition of just 27

* This print has now sold out and no longer available

Prices: Framed £550

Mounted £450

Do contact us if you would like to offer these seven finches a home!

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