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Ten Years of Spells, Bears, and Hares!

Thank you, Jackie Morris - here's to future moments of colourful shapeshifting! Xx

Jackie Morris Visits Number Seven

This post was originally published on the 'First Day of Spring' 2013...

Keeping a beady eye on the proceedings especially the silver and turquoise necklace...

I must admit I was a little nervous, excited too naturally, the weekend approached, and Jackie Morris would finally be arriving at Number Seven. I needn't have worried as soon as she drew up in her colourful dragon van and parked up, she greeted me with a smile and a hug, I immediately felt at ease. Tea was followed by wine as we sat by the fire waiting for supper to slowly cook and while we waited Jackie handed us the colour proof pages of Little Evie in the Wild Woods. How special? I have watched this book be drawn from the pages and brought to life via Jackie's blog and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Catherine Hyde's 'dark and glowing' paintings evolve, and here it was for me to read. You too can have a tantalising peek! Due to be published in July I can't wait for it to be on the book shelves at Number Seven.

Then yet more delights as Jackie presented me with a rough, rough proof of Song of The Golden Hare, it was all too much to take in, but fortunately we were to have time later in the weekend to savour these delights, in fact on the Saturday morning a parcel arrived and a second proof arrived, this time with the finalised jacket design and to which visitors on the Saturday were also privy to.

While Jackie explored Dulverton, I displayed her paintings and prints, set the stage for her, Jan filled bowls with rich purple and magenta fruits, and it all fell together quite instinctively. In fact, Jackie commented that the flat above Number Seven was somewhat similar to how she had imagined the white bear's castle in East of theSun West of theMoon. She then went on to give my mother Jan the most wonderful compliment - "She is the third wise sister who has come to life from East of the Sun."

Customers started to arrive and even though the first reading was not supposed to be until 2pm, Jackie kindly read, signed books, and made everyone feel very welcome, and so the afternoon passed gently and magically. The fire was fed with logs, the skies outside were dark with hail - the conversation was of hares, seals, cats and bears - drawing, painting and capturing inspiration. I think everyone who came left happy and uplifted by the tales they heard, the gentle ticking of the many clocks and the reverberating hum of the Tibetan healing bowl.

Such a wonderful weekend that is full of memories and also a promise that Jackie hopes to return to Number Seven.

And I just found this photo!

All images Seven Fables.

Ceramic Jackdaw by the very talented Karen Fawcett

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I absolutely loved "Ten Years of Spells, Bears, and Hares!" This post feels like a perfect tgi friday meaning – a delightful mix of magic, cuddly bears, and playful hares. The enchanting journey through the past decade captivated me. It's a magical escape that left me feeling the same excitement as the start of the weekend. Cheers to more years of enchantment and whimsy! ✨🐻🐇 #SpellboundWeekend #MagicalDecade

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