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The Lost Spells | Behind the Lens

The much-anticipated sibling to The Lost Words has been released into the wild!

This pocket-sized talisman holds twenty-one spells destined to be spoken aloud in company or alone, in city, suburb or rural hamlet it will call forth nature and may even entice moths to take flight...

Number Seven was delighted to be commissioned by Penguin Random House UK to create three films to celebrate the publication of this beautiful book. We have of course been working closely with Jackie Morris for a number of years, often making short films when she visits Exmoor. The restrictions of lockdown and cancellation of events have meant that many of us have turned to virtual gatherings, and so Penguin commissioned us on the strength of the two films we recently made for The Unwinding and The Space Between. Eased restrictions enabled visits to Robert and Jackie in their respective studios, capturing footage to then sequence once back home. The moth footage was filmed on a wet night in our garden, with Christopher rigging up a luminescent lure which worked wonders!

Do enjoy our gallery of images from behind the scenes and the finished films. It was a privilege and absolute delight to be so involved with The Lost Spells and certainly drew on all our creative skills. Thank you to Robert and Jackie for being so welcoming, and to Anna at Penguin for commissioning us.

'I am Red Fox - how do you see me?'


The Lost Spells is published by Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin UK.

Moth narrated by Julie Fowlis

Soundscapes by Chris Watson

The Lost Spells is available to purchase from Number Seven and as you have come to expect our editions are a little extra special as Jackie has inked a vixen to stamp in each one. To place your order call 01398 324457

The striking Red Fox that was created by Jackie and Robert for filming is available to purchase, please do enquire.

Original artwork featured in The Lost Spells is not for sale at present and not likely to be for some time, however we do have a selection of 'out takes' available. These were painted while Jackie was working towards The Lost Spells but not included in the final edit. Notification of when these are published on our website will be in a future newsletter, so do subscribe if you haven't already done so, the submission form can be found on the home page.

Currently there are no plans to produce limited edition prints from The Lost Spells, but we do of course have prints from The Lost Words currently available for sale.


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