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The Lost Spells: Dunster

An evening with Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris...

Our evening at Dunster Tithe barn was a long, long time in the making, even before the publication of The Lost Words, Jackie had hoped that Robert Macfarlane would one day be able to visit Seven Fables. The soul of a kingfisher was exchanged and a date set, but 2020 was the year everyone had to press pause.

Last week we were finally able to gather, and what a wonderful evening - the feedback from our guests has been so heartfelt and generous. For many it was their first evening out unmasked, all had been requested to take lateral flow tests so all may feel confident to relax. For Robert and Jackie it was their first appearance together in-front of a live audience celebrating the publication of The Lost Spells.

'I must congratulate you and thank you for organising such a successful evening last Friday at the Dunster Tithe Barn. The whole event was very stimulating and most enjoyable: a testament to the amount of thought and care you put into every aspect of the proceedings. There was so much to enjoy - the ambience and atmosphere in the Tithe Barn; the delicious supper; Kitty's lovely, haunting music; Jackie's wonderful on-screen paintings and amusing asides; Davina’s chairmanship of the conversation between JM and RM, and Robert Macfarlane’s brilliant reading of poetry. The event gave a great deal of pleasure to a lot of people, and I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did.'

‘I just wanted to say thank you for the Lost Spells event on Friday night. I came along on my own and sat at the front. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and the food and drink were wonderful. I had not come across Kitty Macfarlane before but will see her out again - such an amazing voice and I loved hearing her talk about her songs.

Rob Macfarlane and Jackie Morris were amazing - their rapport was fabulous and their discussion about what they have done and projects to come was inspiring.

Thanks for organising such a complete evening - so much more than a book event.’

'Thank you for a very special evening last Friday. Felt privileged to be there among such kindness and creativity.'

'Thank you SOooo much for organising and hosting such a wonderfully uplifting evening at Dunster Tithe barn last week…I don’t imagine we were alone in our thanks…and so I hope you’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude from those who were present.

Even in ‘regular’ times logistics are a challenge…and with all the added hoops to anticipate and respond to…as ‘guests’ it felt such a blessing to be part of the very special evening you put together…all the thoughtful ‘special touches’ were much appreciated…the barn setting and tables looked amazing and inviting…the food was utterly delicious (very much appreciated as a vegetarian !)…and it was interesting to meet our fellow guests who’d been drawn together for the evening.

It was such a unique and soul nourishing event. We’d never seen Kitty sing live before, so that was wonderful, especially focusing on her local connection and singing the landscape and people to life. Your rapport Davina, with both Jackie and Robert made the conversation feel very relaxed and intimate…glorious to see and share laughter and thoughtfulness…and feel part of this…so it was a bonus to have them together at the barn.

As Bramble’s it was wonderful to see the first ‘reveal’ of Jackie’s Bramble film. I look forward to receiving a newsletter with link when it’s officially launched. I’ll be forwarding it to the rest of the Bramble Clan!'

Seven Fables would like to thank everyone who contributed to the the magic, and to Robert and Jackie for blessing Exmoor with their Lost Spells.

Thank you to the West Somerset Garden Centre for the 'treasure of heather' kindly loaned for the evening.

All images copyright Seven Fables Dulverton


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