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Wild Folk: Tales from the Stones

At the tail end of November, month of mists and bonfires, we visited Greenwood Cottage in Herefordshire to film Tamsin Abbott and Jackie Morris...

The film was commissioned by Unbound to promote the crowdfund for Wild Folk, a book that grew from an idea that surfaced while staying at Northmoor House last September.

Launched on Twelfth Night, as the full moon rose, a very apt Wolf Moon, magic was heavy in the air and the project was greeted with open hearts, successfully reaching its funding target within six days.

You may still pledge via Unbound, where you will discover that one of the rewards is 'an invitation for a super-exclusive pre-preview of the exhibition of the stained glass artworks featured in the book and a chance to meet both artists.'

Seven Fables is honoured to be hosting the exhibition, the 'pre-preview' alongside a private view and we also have a walk to a standing stone in mind. Where and when the exhibition will be held is yet to be confirmed as a publication date has not been set at this early stage.

Tamsin believes it will take her a year to complete all the images required and it is thought that this might be the first time a series of stained glass artworks have been commissioned specifically to illustrate a book. Jackie is yet to write all the shapeshifting tales and she is looking forward to gathering them on the wind, from stone, from her deep love of folklore, and there are to be seven in total.

If you would like to attend the Wild Folk exhibition and private view, do subscribe to the Seven Fables newsletter for future updates and invitations.

It was an absolute delight to visit Tamsin's studio, an art piece in itself, to hear her and Jackie discuss their hopes and inspiration for Wild Folk - to record their conversation, film and share food. We also met Dougal Abbott, Tamsin's son, who we commissioned to create the soundscape. Music is so important when editing a film, it is a gentle render, that when done correctly almost disappears. As a young graduate, setting out on his creative career we believe Dougal answered the brief perfectly.

We hope you enjoy the film and are looking forward to this much anticipated collaboration as much as we are.

Copies of Wild Folk will naturally be available from the shelves of Seven Fables and pre-orders wil be made available closer to publication.

Filmed and Edited by Seven Fables

Location: Greenwood Cottage

Soundscape: Dougal Abbott - Groke

Wild Folk: Tales from the Stones

by Tamsin Abbott and Jackie Morris

to be published by Unbound


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