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Discovering the Women Who Walked Before Us


Why is it radical for women to walk alone in the countryside, when men have been doing so for centuries? The Hard Way is a powerful and illuminating book about addressing this imbalance, reclaiming fearlessness and diving into the history of the landscape from a woman’s point of view.


Setting off to follow the oldest paths in England, the Ridgeway and the Harrow Way, Susannah Walker comes across artillery fire, concern from passing policemen and her own innate fear of lone figures in the distance: a landscape shaped by men, from prehistoric earthworks to today’s army bases.But along the way, Susannah finds Edwardian feminists, rebellious widows, forgotten writers and artists, as well as all their anonymous sisters who stayed at home throughout history. They become her companions over 135 miles of walking, revealing how much, or how little, has changed for women now.


'An evocative and inspiring exploration of the lives of women who refuse to be tied indoors by domesticity. The Hard Way is a powerful manifesto for women who long to walk alone - and safely - in the countryside.' Sharon Blackie


‘Simmering with quiet rage, and passionate about the right of woman to explore as freely as men, the book is also a fascinating journey along some of England’s oldest paths.’ Sophie Pierce


Published June 2024


Signed First Edition

Nature/Travel Writing
Hardback 304 pages | 222 x 141 mm


Book - The Hard Way - Susannah Walker

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