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When we go for a walk, whether in the countryside or city, we pass through landscapes full of natural beauty and curiosities both visible and invisible - but though we might admire the view, or wonder idly about the name of a flower, we rarely have the knowledge to fully engage with what we see. When we do, our sense of place is expanded, our understanding deepened and we can discover richness in even the most everyday stroll.


John Wright has been leading forays around Britain for decades. As an expert forager, he shows people how to identify the edible species that abound - but he also reveals the natural history, stories and science behind our surroundings. Here, he takes us with him on eight walks: from verdant forests to wild coastlines, via city pavements, fields and rolling hills, he illuminates what can be found on a walk across any British terrain, and how you might observe and truly understand them, for yourself.


Warm, wise and endlessly informative, with helpful illustrations and suggested routes, this book will help you to see the world around you with new eyes: no walk will be the same again.


'Blissfully funny, staggeringly informative, a joyful companion for those of us who are learning to value the natural world. Urban, coastal or rural nature lovers... It's all here.' Caroline Quentin


Published May 2023

Signed, exclusive indie edition with spring green sprayed edges!

Hardback 336 pages | 218 x 138 mm

Profile Books Ltd

Book - The Observant Walker - John Wright

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