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Copies purchased from Seven Fables are a little extra special as they are stamped with a silver white bear.


From the moment she saw him, the girl knew the bear had come for her. How many times had she dreamed of him? Now, here he was, as if spelled from her dreams.


This encounter marks the beginning of a long and extraordinary journey. At the bear's secret palace in faraway mountains she is treated so courteously, though troubled by the bear's unfathomable sadness. As the bear's secret unravels, another adventure unfolds, which takes her to the homes of the four winds and beyond, to the castle east of the sun, west of the moon.

In this new edition of Jackie Morris' captivating picture book, the acclaimed writer and artist retells this classic Norwegian fairy tale - a mysterious story of love, loyalty and freedom.



Published November 2021

Hardback 336 pages | 176 x 141 mm


Book - East of the Sun

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