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To be published 2025, the third in this intrigueing series by Jackie Morris.


An Accordion Book doesn’t open, it unfolds. One side is filled with beautiful watercolour images of an animal: sometimes in motion, sometimes at rest. The other is filled with text – poems, descriptions, invocations – inspired by the same animal.Together they work as spells to summon the animal’s spirit. Jackie Morris has painted them using antique watercolours, some from boxes which had not been opened for over 150 years, woken from their slumber with a single drop of water.


'Brown hares are such etherial creatures. They live their lives touching the earth lightly. Vagabonds. I have watched hares waking into a day, rising with small clouds of breath from frost hard earth, as if they emerge from the very ground. Warm blood, soft furred, woodcats. They are creatures of myth and legend. To become a hare would be such an amazing thing. Learning their shape and form takes a lifetime, but this is what I try to do when I paint. This is the closest I can get to becoming a woodcat.' Jackie Morris 


Do watch the film we made for the Accordion Books with Jackie Morris on the Seven Fables' film page


Hardback  18 pages | 156 x 106 mm


Published Autumn 2025

HARE - Accordion Book No3

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