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A collection of 100 postcards featuring artwork and words from Jackie’s best-selling ‘pillow book’, The Unwinding & Other Dreamings.


The front of each card features one of Jackie’s paintings from the book; on the back, there is short quote, spell or poem from the book plus space for you to write, draw or paint messages which you can send to spread peace and beauty to the people you love and care about. Inspired by dreams and wishes, these cards will ease the soul and offer respite from an increasingly frantic and complex world. 

Designed by Alison O’Toole, who helped Jackie create the original book and the award-winning phenomenon that is The Lost Words, this postcard box will be an elegant work of art in its own right, as useful as it is beautiful.


100 Postcards 148 x 105 mm


Postcards - The Unwinding

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