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 Andy English 

AE Moonlit Ambling numbersevendulverton.
AE White Horse, Red Kites numbersevendul
AE Hare & Roe numbersevendulverton
AE The Lightning Tree numbersevendulvert
AE Hare and the Sea numbersevendulverton
AE Little Owl Looks Out numbersevendulve

Andy describes himself as an illustrator and ruralist, in fact many of the artists and makers we represent describe themselves as ruralists and it's an expression that we feel suits Seven Fables extremely well.

You can instantly see why we were drawn to his intricate wood engravings and wished to add them to our portfolio of likeminded, nature inspired artisans. His work has been exhibited and published internationally, and he has illustrated for Philip Pullman and Susan Hill.

Produced using an Albion printing press, all Andy's prints are numbered and signed.

Andy English Limited Edition Prints

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