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A Vehicle for the Imagination

Last Friday evening we drove the green narrow lanes from Exmoor to Dartmoor to see the results of Tom Hiron's and Rima Staine's hard work creating Hedgespoken, their Vehicle for the Imagination.

Back in 2014 Number Seven supported their crowd funding campaign and our promised reward would be an invite to the premier of their first fully fledged show. It took a little longer than they first anticipated but true to their word a beautiful invitation arrived requesting our company at the Devon farm where they have been overwintering to see The Singing Bones.

It was a wonderful, relaxed evening and great to finally meet with Tom and Rima after witnessing the project's progress via their newsletters. The farm made for a great location, with a stunning view across to a dense wood vibrant with new growth, a large open fire provided much needed warmth and after the show we enjoyed a feast of beautifully prepared food. I would like to thank Tom, Rima and the other guests for making us feel so welcome, I think we got to chat to nearly everybody!

As well as bringing home the scent of wood smoke on our hair we also brought back copies of Sometimes a Wild God for the shelves at Number Seven. This evocative, atavistic poem by Tom has been quite the online sensation, inspiring others to create films and recordings of their own. The booklet features striking black and white illustrations by Rima.

Rima's distinctive paintings have recently inspired Californian author Sylvia Linsteadt to write Tatterdemalion which is due to be published this week, copies should arrive any day now at Number Seven and I am looking forward to opening its pages. Printed by Unbound this project was enabled by another successful crowd sourcing campaign. Described as 'a post-apocalyptic novel rooted deep in the folkloric traditions of Old Europe, and set in a wildly re-imagined Northern California,' this short film will give you a taste of the imagination held within its bindings. . .

Hedgespoken will be heading out on the road later this month, wending their way to Pembrokeshire via a number of festivals including Hay-on-Wye. Sylvia will be joining them for a short time to promote Tatterdemalion. It is hoped that at some point in the future we can arrange for their Vehicle for the Imagination to stop in Dulverton.

Copies are now available and are priced at £20.00

P&P £3.00 within the UK, call the shop to arrange delivery: 01398 324457

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