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Scarlet Elf-Cap

Last we passed we spied scarlet elf-caps


in this tidy copse amongst the ferns of winter


they bloomed blood bright, a glade cut splinter


sprouting neat from decaying elder limbs 


uniting acorn cups and Snow White's apple skins


those spellbound peelings freckling the forest floor


winking from the understory, perhaps numbering a score


blooming out from the brash crisp as the woodpecker's cry


secrets of Burgundy Chapel ruins so easy to wander by

Scarlet Elf-Cap by Christopher Jelley of Seven Fables

The ruins of Burgundy Chapel can be found near Minehead by following the wooded coast path, do seek them out if you are visiting Exmoor.


Wilderness Dreaming by Tamsin Abbott

Originally published in a Seven Fables newsletter March 2024 - subscribe here!


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