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21st Birthday Celebrations!

Saturday 7th October 2023

A joyful, wonderful, smile filled, busy, busy day...

Such a memorable day, thank you to the 'Fable Folk' who were able to join us to celebrate in the October sunshine, and those who sent well wishes from near and far. The bunting looked fabulous and certainly set the scene, one of colour, exuberance and creativity. It was lovely to see our customers connect with one another, sharing their appreciation of Seven Fables - we couldn't wish for a more vibrant community of customers whose on-going support is cause for celebration - thank you.

Our thanks, and love to Jackie Morris who was kept busy in the kitchen, gilding labyrinth stones, signing books and creating a little magic with her own inimitable style. Our visitors certainly departed inspired, many with the unexpected gift of a gilded stone clasped tightly...

'An acorn fell to the ground, a seed full of hope and possibilities, it put out roots, then a shoot and leaves slowly unfurled. Twenty one years later it is a magnificent oak that is known as Seven Fables. Thank you for creating such a haven of joy, magic and inspiration with a hint of mischief. Congratulations.' FJ

'So beautiful, so magical, a wonderful day filled with love and creativity…thank you with the whole of my heart Seven Fables and Jackie Morris…' LLB

'To everyone at Seven Fables, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the warm welcome I received yesterday when I attended your 21st celebration, it meant a lot. I wish I could bottle the atmosphere that you have on these occasions because it is truly special, I am still feeling the warm afterglow. Wishing you all many more happy birthdays and thank you again.' LK

We look forward to celebrating our 25th birthday with you in 2027!



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