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Catching Rainbows with Jackie Morris

Time Away for Tales, Art, Play...

Five decent working days on the St David's peninsula

Head shots and sea knitting

Cool april airs, keening and biting

Sand martins twitch and flex the shore

Over pebble rise and mer-skin lore

Through ransom woods and bluebell swathe

Beneath ‘the chapel of colouring in’

And a twin kestrel wave

With hail and calm and white morning light

Tall thunder rumbles and sleepy aura nights

Gusting eaves and lichen rich branches

Crab apple sprigs and over indulgent lunches

Five days of decent positive drifting

Druidstone grafting, always uplifting

All the more special in this timeless place

Over watched by standing stones and imbued with white cat grace

We look forward to returning...

Poem by Christopher Jelley

Thank you to Jackie Morris for the photograph of

Cristopher and I by the Maen Dewi standing stone

All Images Copyright Seven Fables


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