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The Unwinding: Northmoor House

Summer 2021

There may have been no guests, but we filled every room and corridor with creativity...

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Northmoor, exploring its many rooms and grounds, choosing which location would suit each film we planned to make. Bramble in the dairy, Wild Swans by the ancient beech, foxes for Unbound - all of which will be revealed in time as projects progress.

There were bountiful fruit and cheese feasts, reading out loud as we shared the pages of The Heeding, walks along mossy trails, knitting and writing...

'There’s a quiet music

in the house.

Old glass in windows

ripples the sunlight

that cast shadows on

walls, in halls.

A dappled dance.

Around the house trees

breathe, owls texture

the valley with twilight

calls, and jays fly.

House martins, blue jewels

speak in quiet voices

beneath the eaves.

Between the trees

So many small lives.

Clouds catch in the

branches. Rain sings.'

'Fable said we should come again

Watch martins rump up under the gutters

For here the moths gently still their flutters

See starling and jay skirt and dance

Minds awash with the sea of trees

Go grace the beech

Shore up your heart

Let the evenings roll into the moss of dark

So come again

The owls are calling back-the-moor

We will cast cloth bolts over long skittle tables

Throw felt doors wide and relish the shambles

Dress again the butter shelves with briars and brambles

Walk barefoot over lawns and black parlour tiles

Here we shall sculpt a bright window in time

Keep the sunsets long

And forever hold the line.'

Treasure was left and plans made to return. xX

Spring update and we can now share the finished Bramble film with you!

'Fable said we should come again...' Christopher Jelley

'There’s a quiet music in the house...' Jackie Morris

Images | Davina Jelley


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