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Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone

A Gilded Labyrinth and a Golden Soul...

To celebrate the publication of her new pillow book, Feather, Leaf, Bark and Stone, Jackie Morris has created the most precious prize for one lucky customer of Seven Fables, a gilded labyrinth and its golden soul...

We recently visited Jackie while she was staying at The Druidstone in Pembrokeshire. She rarely takes time out from writing and painting, and like us, many, if not all her holidays are creative times, and so we spent the week filming and photographing her work. . .

Books evolve, take time, and Jackie has worked closely with Alison O'Toole on the design of Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone, creating and transforming the original artworks, retaining the lightness of touch and illusive quality of the original images and words, typed literally onto gold leaf, feather, leaf and bark. The proof had recently arrived and was bundled with a golden velvet ribbon. We were also able to view the original manuscript, and as Jackie explained, 'a rare creature' in this digital age.

Feather,Leaf, bark and Stone has now gone to print and is due to be published on 23rd June.

'This book is full of the light and wind that fills the Pembrokeshire coast where it was crafted, each page anchored to the landscape by the mechanical rhythm of Jackie's antique typewriters. The result is a collection of individual artworks to be both looked at and read. It is poetry re-imagined by a visual artist; words transformed back into their original function as images.

Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone announces a new departure for Jackie Morris and confirms her as an artist and writer at the peak of her power.'

Naturally the Seven Fables' edition will hold a little extra magic...

Unbound are producing a limited print run for independent bookshops which will have a distinct gold-foiled blue dust jacket - our copies will be stamped with a unique golden labyrinth and of course signed.

Copies are available to pre-order, either in-store or via our website, and if you do so by midnight on 7th June, then you will be entered into our draw* to win a treasured labyrinth stone and its framed golden soul. The stone was found on the beach at Druidstone Haven, washed in the waterfall there and gilded while she was staying at the Round House.

'found where fresh water falls

the skin of stone

like the skin of a seal

smooth selkie

brush with water and

colour of stone and

scent of stone will sing

a song of the sea'

Feather, Leaf, Bark and Stone £20.00

Delivery within the UK £4.00

You may order copies here and good luck!

We do post overseas, with shipping at cost, please enquire.

*The winner was notified on the 8th June 2022, and has claimed their prize -

'Thank you so much, I will treasure it!'

Diana from Buckinghamshire


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